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The Chamber

Chamber Services & Benefits

Why Join the Chamber of Commerce?

Because... you are a citizen of this county and sharing in its prosperity. Obligations of citizenship challenge every person and institution to subscribe actively to the advancement of the community of which they are a part.

Because... you prosper as your county prospers. By helping to build a thriving community, your investment is strengthened and your opportunities are broadened. You have a personal interest in these objectives.

Because... progress and prosperity depend on the development of a sound economic and social structure. These result from vigilant aggressiveness and a continuing program of activities designed to cultivate opportunities and capitalize on advantages.

Because... the support of all is necessary to bring about the economic improvement of our county and the civic and business development demanded by our modern standards of living.

Because... these goals can be reached only by united efforts through an organization equipped to study and conduct a sound program of county-wide progress.

Your Chamber Helps Solve Your Business Problems

Are you not sure your employees are answering the phone and treating customers properly? We have video programs, seminars and personal session help available.

Are your overhead costs too high? We can advise on free energy audits and expert advice on maintenance problems. We also have information on low interest loans for building improvements and buildings that may be rented or purchased that could help cut down your overhead.

Is your advertising program ineffective? Your Chamber can assist with direct marketing through our FYI, advise you of area telephone directories, membership directory, new resident lists, manufacturers directory, and lists of local organizations. We also offer free public relation and marketing assistance.

Need financial assistance? We have information on new state programs, SBA contacts and some direct economic development assistance.

Need more public exposure? We can help you plan a membership coffee, a ribbon cutting, a celebration or other public event, assisting you with media coverage and news releases.

Now more than ever, your Chamber can help!
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