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Why Join?

Because you are a citizen of this county and sharing in its prosperity. Obligations of citizenship challenge every person & institution to subscribe actively to the advancement of the community of which they are a part.

Because you prosper as your county prospers. By helping to build a thriving community your investment is strengthened & your opportunities are broadened. You have a personal interest in these objectives.

Because progress and prosperity depend on the development of a sound economic and social structure. These result from vigilant aggressiveness and a continuing program of activities designed to cultivate opportunities and capitalize on advantages.

Because the support of all is necessary to bring about the economic improvement of our county and the civic & business development demanded by our modern standards of living.

Because these goals can be reached only by united efforts through an organization equipped to study and conduct a sound program of county-wide progress.

Top Reasons Why You Should Be a Member of the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce

  • YOU GET A REPRESENTATIVE FOR YOUR BUSINESS.We get many request for goods and services each month and we refer these to our members.
  • RESOURCES AND ASSISTANCE.We maintain a data base with statistics and information of all types. When a member needs help we try to do our part.
  • REPRESENTATION.The Chamber is the voice of the business community to local government, on the state and national level, it is constantly working to develop a better environment for doing business.
  • NEW CUSTOMERS.Our tourism and events promotions bring people into our community each year, people that become your customers.
  • LOCAL BUYING KEEPS JOBS.The Chamber promotes and works to keep money circulating at home, turning over within our community.
  • NEW BUSINESS CONTACTS.Being active in the Chamber gives opportunities to meet and network with other business people.
  • PUBLICITY AND EXPOSURE.Those who play an active role with the Chamber get exposure for themselves and their business.
  • WE KEEP OUR MEMBERS INFORMED.Through news releases, meetings, events, and special mailings.
  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE. By joining with other members to work together to improve the quality of life and the economic vitality of the community.